In Brief

Self-Care Strategies During COVID-19

As a necessary precautionary measure, and to reduce the risk of community transmission of COVID-19, we modified how we deliver services on Monday, March 16, 2020. We know that the situation we currently find ourselves in is new and unnerving. For many of us, it will increase the intensity of...

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2022 Spirit of Barbra Schlifer Award

2022 Spirit of Barbra Schlifer Award: Call for Submissions In May 2012, the Barbra Schlifer Clinic launched its first Spirit of Barbara Schlifer Award.  This award was historically presented at our Annual Tribute fundraiser. The Clinic is happy to present the 10th annual Spirit of Barbra Schlifer...

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Migrant Women’s Rights Project

In 2016, the Barbra Schlifer Clinic convened a consortium of organizations, front-line service providers, agencies and researchers who separately work with women with precarious immigration status who are vulnerable to trafficking. Migrant Women’s Rights Project serves women whose difficulties...

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COVID-19 Commitment

COVID-19: The Schlifer Clinic Support Commitment The mounting number of COVID-19 cases across Canada, and the declaration of a stay-at-home order in Ontario, are alarming for all of us.  As the fear of the spread of the virus threatens to isolate and divide us, it is more important than ever to...

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Resources for Non-Status Women During COVID-19

Updated August 6, 2021COVID-19 Resources for Non-Status Women (See Webinar)   Health (UPDATED with Vaccination Information) Anyone can be tested or treated for COVID-19. You do not need OHIP/Health coverage. UPDATE: Anyone who is 12 and older, has an identity document and proof of residence...

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Criminalization of Women

A disproportionate number of women who were reporting violence against them, found themselves facing criminal charges. The Criminalization of Women Project seeks to reverse this trend. The Criminalization of Women Project was conceived to address the disproportionate impact of the law on women who...

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Client Feedback Form

The Client Feedback form is also available in the following languagesClient Complaint Policy  Policy Statement The Clinic is committed to ensuring that its services are delivered with excellence and from an anti-oppression, feminist perspective. Part of this commitment includes supporting clients...

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#AndMeToo levels the ground for survivors from complex socio-economic backgrounds to voice their concerns and seek advice. With its re-appearance as a hashtag in October 2017, #MeToo encouraged thousands of women around the world to start sharing their experiences of sexual assault and sexual...

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Become a Member

You can be a member if you are:   a present or former client of the Clinic (automatically entitled to be members) a donor a volunteer who has provided at least 10 hours of service to the Clinic within the last fiscal year (April 1 - March 31) a volunteer who has given your time for one of our...

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