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Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

489 College Street, Suite 503
Toronto, Ontario
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Phone Number: 416-323-9149

New Clients

You will need to speak to someone from our Integrated Intake team, who can be reached by dialing the number above and choosing 1 from the menu.

You will be asked to leave a message with your name and number. Please tell us if and when it is safe to call you back and if it is safe to leave a message. Do not detail the purpose of your call in your message. Once we receive your voicemail, someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible.


Please complete our feedback form to provide feedback on the services received at the clinic.

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    Please Note

    For the Family Court Support Program: A counsellor will attempt to contact you up to three (3) times at your preferred method of contact.

    Confidentiality Policy

    The Barbra Schlifer Clinic operates using the following confidentiality policy. Please read it before providing us with any personal details.

    No information will be released to anyone without your written consent in the form of a signed Consent to Disclosure Form, with some exceptions that the law requires. They are:

    1. If a child under the age of 16 needs protection from physical or sexual abuse or serious emotional abuse, which may include exposure to violence in the home or neglect, in these situations, the Clinic must contact the Children's Aid Society. If a client tells us that they were abused as a child and there is a possibility that the person who was abusive to them may be a danger to children now, this may also be reported to the Children's Aid Society.

    2. In some cases, a Judge can order the release of information during legal proceedings, files can be subpoenaed, and Counsellors may be required to testify in court.

    3. Counsellors are required to report clearly imminent danger to yourself or someone else to ensure safety.

    4. Counsellors are required to report sexual abuse by a professional who is a member of a profession that is regulated by the Regulated Health Profession Act (such as a medical doctor, psychologist, social worker etc.) under certain circumstances.

    5. Employers may need to disclose a client's personal information in the event there is a risk of violence and/or harassment to an employee in the workplace.

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