The Schlifer Clinic is thrilled that Mary Ito will be hosting this year’s 20th Anniversary Schlifer Tribute Event fundraiser! Mary Ito is the host of Fresh Air, weekends from 6-9 am on CBC Radio One 99.1 FM.

Our 20th Anniversary Tribute fundraiser, sponsored by Blakes, will be held on June 12, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the Daniels Spectrum.

Don’t miss out on a fabulous, fun filled night for a good cause!

See Geri Sanson accept her Tory’s Spirit of Barbra Schlifer Award!

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Amanda Dale interviews Mary Ito about the upcoming Barbra Schlifer Clinic Annual Tribute:

Amanda: What motivates you in your career?

Mary: I think generally speaking it would be the hope that I’m of service to people in some positive way. 

Amanda: When did you first hear about the Barbra Schlifer Clinic?

Mary: I think I first heard about it when it was launched back in in the mid 80’s.  There was so much publicity 

surrounding the murder of Barbra Schlifer that I believe the opening of the clinic  got a fair amount of public attention.  It was something good that came out of what seemed like a tragic, senseless act.

Amanda: What excites you the most about hosting our 20th anniversary Barbra Schlifer Tribute event?

Mary: I emcee many events and when I was asked for this I was honoured and excited to be a part of it.   I remember Barbra Schlifer even though it’s been over 30 years.  I think it’s because I, like Barbra, was at the beginning of my career.  I was in my first broadcasting job at the time and when news came out of her brutal murder, I was shocked like many others.  Here was this young woman with so much potential and at the brink of a promising career.  I think it was gratifying to so many that a clinic dedicated to helping women who’ve experienced violence was created.  The fact that it’s been around for over 20 years is both wonderful and sad… wonderful that this important work continues, but sad that it has to.  The stats of violence against women in Canada and around the world are staggering and it’s vital people are made aware of this and that there’s support for women in these situations. 

Amanda: What about the Tribute event makes you want to be involved?

Mary: It’s important that this kind of work is acknowleged and the people involved in this work are recognized.  I applaud this year’s recipient of the Spirit award, Geri Sanson, for her work in improving safety for women.  I have a daughter in university, and she is also at the brink of a promising life ahead.  The work that’s done by the clinic and people like Geri, is to ensure that our future generations of daughters are safe, and have the ability to live life freely and to the fullest.

Our 20th Anniversary Tribute fundraiser, sponsored by Blakes, will be held on June 12, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the Daniels Spectrum. Don’t miss out on a fabulous, fun filled night for a good cause!

For tickets, call  (416) 323-9149 ext 237, or order online.

About Mary Ito

Mary has had a long history of broadcasting, most recently as host of CBC’s Living in Toronto. She worked at TVOntario for five years as host of a daily talk show called More to Life which covered an eclectic range of topics in health, education, arts and culture, business and family issues. Mary was also the host of Second Opinion on TVO – a panel show which dealt with controversial issues in health. She also worked at Global TV as the anchor of a daily health report called Health Matters.

Mary has also worked at CFTO-TV as a reporter, host and weekend news anchor. She also worked previously in radio at CBC, and at CFRB as a reporter, host and producer.

Mary is active in the community with a particular interest in health. She has volunteered her services for many organizations including the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the MS Society of Ontario, the Hospital for Sick Children, the Toronto Public Library and the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.
She lives with her husband and three children in Toronto.

About Geri Sanson

Geri Sanson, a long-time human rights lawyer and familiar face in the women’s anti-violence community, is the 2014 Spirit of Barbra Schlifer Award recipient!

“Geri is an outstanding candidate who embodies the qualities sought by the Clinic. Her commitment to improving the safety of women is impressive – for over two decades she has advocated many pivotal cases before inquests, courts and tribunals, she has taught human rights courses at a number of institutions, published articles, spoken at conferences, and is a recognized community leader”, says Clinic Executive Director, Amanda Dale.

Geri Sanson’s contributions to public purpose law have already been recognized by others: she has been given the Law Society Medal and identified by L’Expert Canadian Legal Directory.

Geri’s work on the Hadley and May Iles inquests and Vince inquiry demonstrated her outstanding commitment to women’s equality and safety from violence. Her work has led directly to changes in law and policy as well as the establishment of the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee which have increased women’s safety in relationships and in the workplace.

Geri studied the Queen’s University Faculty of Law, receiving her call to the bar in 1990.

Geri’s award will be conferred at the 20th Annual Tribute fundraiser on June 12 at the Daniels Spectrum. Doors open at 6:30pm. Geri will be sure to accept her award with a rousing speech!

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