High Need Case Management



In 2019, the Clinic recognized an urgent gap in services available to diverse high-risk women (self-identified) and gender diverse people, non-binary, intersex, and Two Spirit people with complex and intersecting needs related to substance abuse, mental health, housing, and legal issues. Later, with the emergence of COVID-19 and as women and gender diverse people living with an abuser were forced into isolation, the need for a service that could address their specific and complex needs heightened. Working in conjunction with existing wrap-around services, the High Need Case Managers support individuals by taking a trauma-informed and client-led goal planning process. This service aims to empower the client to develop small personal outcome goals to achieve significant successes geared toward improving their lives. 

The clients referred to the case managers from their primary workers at the Clinic have access to resources through the Clinic that builds their self-advocacy by coordinating their care and evaluating their goals and achievements. Individuals accessing this program receive the wrap-around support the Clinic uniquely offers while maintaining a therapeutic relationship with their case manager to ensure the provision of ongoing risk assessment, safety planning and the evaluation of goals. 


High-Need Case Management is for clients experiencing the most significant barriers to service, are facing multiple forms of intersectional experiences of discrimination and systemic violence. The High Need Case Manager collaborates internally with our legal, counselling, and interpretation departments and other special projects staff and externally with other service providers to ensure that women and gender diverse people with intersecting needs and multiple barriers can access the services they need, including:

  • Covid-19 risk-related monitoring
  • Accessing individual need for COVID-19 related supports, information, and supplies
  • Trauma-informed crisis counselling
  • Coordinating internal and external referrals
  • Accessing legal, advocacy and other specialized supports,
  • Systemic barrier-related advocacy,


  • Accessing employment and volunteer supports,
  • Accessing health and wellness support,
  • Accessing transportation and housing supports,
  • Assisting with system navigation,
  • Ongoing safety assessment and planning,
  • Community accompaniments

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