COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update: Due to COVID-19 and our new hybrid workplace model, we are not currently accepting new on-site volunteers.  We are still in the process of exploring remote volunteering at the Clinic and hope to offer these types of opportunities in the near future. For this reason, we invite you to submit your volunteer application so that we can reach out to you when we are ready to accept remote or on-site volunteers again.


We are looking for High School, College, or University students interested in volunteering for a back-to-school peer-to-peer fundraising campaign from August 12 to August 30. If you are interested in joining our team of remote Digital Ambassadors to support the Clinic’s fundraising efforts and help more people learn about the Clinic’s work via social media. Being a Digital Ambassador for the Clinic is an opportunity to get involved at the Clinic remotely while supporting an important cause: ending gender-based violence.  Please complete the application here.

The commitment and energy of our volunteers reflect their determination to help women and gender-diverse people build lives free of violence. Volunteers are valued members of the Schlifer Clinic.  We know that many volunteers make personal sacrifices to be available at the Clinic, and we are grateful to every one of them.

Volunteer Process:

Volunteers go through a general interview, screening, and training process. To volunteer, please fill out and submit our Volunteer Application and submit it with your resume.

We will review your application and resume once it’s been submitted and we will contact you if your qualifications match any current volunteer openings. If no suitable position is available at this time and you still want to submit an application and resume we welcome you to do so. Your application will be kept on file for a period of six months and will be considered for future volunteer openings.

Application and Training Process:

  • Complete a Volunteer Application (Volunteer process currently on hold, will be accepting volunteers in the near future)
  • Attend an interview
  • Attend an orientation session
  • A four to six-week training process

* The umbrella term “woman” recognizes that gender is self-identification that is not necessarily correspondent with assigned sex at birth. We recognize the complexity and diversity of gender and aim to be inclusive to people outside of and across the gender spectrum.

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We need your support

Our doors are open to women and gender diverse people experiencing violence during COVID-19. Please join our partners and help us raise $180,000+.