Become a Member

Choosing to become a member is a decision you make to support survivors of gender-based violence.
It is about standing up for what you believe in and aligning yourself with an organization with a solid history in defending the right of women and gender diverse folks to live free from violence.

We deeply value your membership* and honour you as an important part of our extended family.

As a member you:

  • Align yourself with the important and powerful work of the Clinic to support women and their children to build lives free from violence through:
      • Advocacy, education and public policy,
      • Legal support,
      • Interpretation in over 200 languages,
      • Innovative counselling,
      • A community of women making a real difference.
  • Agree with the Clinic’s mission and vision
  • Will be kept informed through our annual reports and newsletters

You can be a member if you are:

  • A present or former client of the Clinic (automatically entitled to be members)
  • A donor
  • A volunteer who has provided at least 10 hours of service to the Clinic since April 2016
  • A volunteer who has given your time for one of our special events within the past year
  • A corporation (profit or non-profit), unincorporated association or other legal entity; you will be entitled to appoint one representative to act as your member, and that representative can be changed from time to time
  • A Clinic staff person
  • A member of the Clinic’s Board of Directors
  • A lawyer or other legal practitioner
  • A member of the general public whom agrees with the Clinic’s mission and vision


*Membership is valid for one year, renewing annually for $10 at our Annual General Meeting held each October.

Become a Member

Join us on our mission to prevent and eradicate gender-based violence. Become a member today.

We need your support

To continue providing the breadth of services to our clients and doing the important advocacy work, we need your support.

Please join us on our mission.