Become a Member

You can be a member if you are:


  • a present or former client of the Clinic (automatically entitled to be members)
  • a donor
  • a volunteer who has provided at least 10 hours of service to the Clinic within the last fiscal year (April 1 – March 31)
  • a volunteer who has given your time for one of our special events within the past year
  • a corporation (profit or non-profit), unincorporated association or other legal entity; you will be entitled to appoint one representative to act as your member, and that representative can be changed from time to time
  • a Clinic staff person
  • a member of the Clinic’s Board of Directors
  • a lawyer or other legal practitioner
  • a member of the general public whom agrees with the Clinic’s mission and vision

As a member you:

Align yourself with the important work of the Clinic to support women and their children to build lives free from violence through:

  • Advocacy, education and public policy,
  • Legal support,
  • Interpretation in over 200 languages,
  • Innovative counselling,
  • A community of women making a real difference.
  • Agree with the Clinic’s mission and vision
  • Will be kept informed through our annual reports and newsletters

If you have questions, our staff would be happy to answer them. Please call us at 416-323-9149.

Download the Membership Application

Become a vital member of the Clinic’s community and help us to shape a future for women and children without violence


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We need your support

Our doors are open to women experiencing violence during COVID-19. Please join our partners and help us raise $180,000+.