THANK YOU Janice, Kat and Sadie!! Your support means the world to us and the 1,000s of women we work with!The Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic Ambassador Circle is comprised of a group of individuals focused on raising awareness and funds through events to support the elimination of violence against women.

We are thrilled to have Filling the Gap join as the Clinic’s inaugural group of dedicated young professionals focused on empowering women along their professional journey and who are committed to raising awareness and funds in support of the BSCC and the elimination of violence against women.”When we started our women’s conference, Filling the Gap, we weren’t aware of the extent of the Schlifer Clinic’s transformative work. When looking at empowering women in the workplace, it was important for us to ensure that empowerment was supporting women in all aspects of their lives. We are excited and proud to be the founding members of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic Ambassador Circle.  The Clinic’s mission – both in the services provided to women and the focus on policy and legal reform to protect the rights of underserved women – resonates  with us and our personal goal to empower women along their professional journey. Supporting the Clinic is a key reason why we put on the event. We value the work we do with the Clinic and the awareness for its necessary efforts through Filling the Gap.”If you would like to learn more about the Ambassador Circle, please contact Stefania Sdao at [email protected]