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“”Loves Me Not”, a video poem created earlier this year during a filmmaking workshop hosted by TIFF Special Delivery and advocacy group Outburst, tells the story of a young Muslim girl who wears the hijab. The poem begins with the girl, her hijab constructed with colourful petals. She holds a flower in her hand, but as she suffers from Islamophobia her flower begins to die. “Everywhere she looked, people would stare,” the poem states. “They asked, ‘Is that something your dad forced you to wear’?”
According to Outburst’s Facebook page, the poem was inspired by Islamophobia endured by the writers as they attended school in Toronto. The video continues to show the lasting impact of discrimination.”” Read The Full Article Here

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About Outburst

Outburst! Young Muslim Women’s Project is movement of young Muslim women in Toronto who are breaking silence and speaking out about violence. As young Muslim women, we want to determine the ways in which we define and access safety. Outburst!, an awarding winning project by the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic (“the Clinic”), is an opportunity for us to build community through art, education and research.