If you have a criminal matter, we advocate with police and Crown Attorneys about:
  • how to get a protection order
  • enforcement of protection orders
  • arrest and charging practices in domestic violence
  • gathering information for criminal trial
  • ensuring you have input into such things as diversion proposals (resolving the case without a trial)
  • plea bargains and sentencing in assault and sexual assault cases, and in domestic violence court
  • understanding your role as a “victim-witness” in the criminal process
  • understanding barriers to laying charges if there has been a delay in reporting the crime
  • understanding your rights in applications for your personal records, such as health, counselling and others
  • understanding victims’ rights in the criminal justice system
We Will:
  • provide you with legal information about the criminal justice system
  • discuss your options
  • contact justice system professionals who are involved in your case to help with your concerns
  • help you identify information that may be relevant to your criminal matter
  • refer you to lawyers who will represent you on applications for your confidential records
  • if you have been charged with assault, refer you to lawyers who will represent you in court.
If You Call Us:
  • You may have to leave a message.
  • Please say your name and number clearly and tell us when we can reach you.
  • Please tell us if it is safe for us to call you back and safe for us to leave a message

To find out more about our services, please call Central Intake at 416-323-9149 ext. 234, or CLICK HERE to fill out our Intake form.  A counsellor will contact you as soon as possible Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For French-speaking women, services are provided by Oasis Centre des Femmes. Oasis can be reached at 416-591-6565.